Pregnancy By Months And Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy By Months And Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms are experienced by many moms-to-be that their friends and mother-in-law never dealt with. The rising hormonal level when you’re pregnant, results in terrible pain and discomfort that severely affect your daily life.

Pregnancy By Months And Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

Your body undergoes a huge change once you have conceived and some of those changes can be a little strange.

Hair Growth

A lot of women report a surge in the growth of hair in all sorts of places on their body. Very dark and thick hairs can often come up on your back, chin and nipples when you are pregnant. This is a bit of a pain, especially when the hairs come up in very visible places and usually happens because of increased hormone levels and will usually settle down after month 6.

Balance Changes

During pregnancy your centre of gravity changes which can cause you to be a little more unstable of your feet and your joints to become much more lax. This is something that you need to watch out for as it can cause accidents if you lose your footing.Read Original Here

A Missed Period

A missed period is amongst the early signs of pregnancy but the aid of pregnancy tests and physician appointment, you will be able to ensure your pregnancy easily. Missing a period is usually related to other conditions such as anxiousness, hormonal difficulties, giving up oral contraceptives, tiredness, etc. which means, this don’t suggest you are expecting precisely as there are lots of other reasons that makes you miss a period.

Implantation Bleeding

Once the embryo implants itself on a uterine wall after conception, there will be implantation bleeding. You may also feel abdominal cramping as well as spotting. Light spotting is very much normal during pregnancy period except if it is going to be heavier compared to a typical monthly menstrual flow.

Sensitive and Swollen Breasts

When you are expecting your bosoms turn out to be swollen, tender, sensitive and painful to touch. Hormonal imbalances is believed to be the cause of this pregnancy symptom, but typically it’s a consistent difficulty that takes place exclusively during pregnancy. –Read Original Here

Nose woes

Get ready for congestion, bloody noses, and snoring. Why? The inside of the lining of your nose also swells, thanks to hormones,” says Laura Dean, M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist in Stillwater, Minnesota. “That swelling decreases the are for air circulation. Your nose can also be aggravated baby dryness, which is worse [when the weather is cold.]” You can relieve some of your discomfort by using nasal saline drops or a humidifier, or by spending a few minutes inhaling the steam in the shower. Thankfully, all these nasal issues will vanish after pregnancy.

Vein strain

Your growing baby requires a huge blood supply to deliver extra oxygen and nutrients. “By 20 weeks, your circulating blood volume will have increased by 50 percent,” explains Dr. Dean. With all that pressure, it’s common to develop spider and varicose veins in your legs and feet. There’s no way to prevent them, but to decrease pain and swelling, elevate your legs when you can. For severe cases, wear support hose or even bandage-like wraps when you’re out.
The other kind of strain-those dreaded hemorrhoids-involves swollen and protruding tissue around the anus. They’re caused by increased pressure on the veins there, along with the added weight of your baby (they can also be aggravated by constipation and straining in the bathroom). Ease the inflammation and pain with cream, medicated pads, and warm baths. Post-baby, both issues should improve drastically but may go away completely.Read Original Here

Metallic Taste During Pregnancy

One of the more disconcerting symptoms that some women experience is a metallic taste in the mouth during pregnancy. When it begins – often in the first trimester – it can be surprising, uncomfortable, and annoying. Of course there’s nothing enjoyable about a metallic taste, but if it happens to you, take heart: You’re not alone, you can take small steps to mitigate the effect, and it won’t last forever.

Doctors have a range of different theories about what causes this change in taste, also known as dysgeusia. In general, this uncomfortable sensation is most likely due to a fluctuation in hormone levels, particularly estrogen, which can affect your sense of taste. You may be experiencing a heightened awareness of the bitter taste sensation, which causes you to detect trace amounts of ingredients in foods that you may never have noticed. It can also be due to an acute sense of smell, which can make you more aware of bitter tastes. Some doctors even believe that there is an evolutionary role built in to this sensation – that it may be your body’s way of getting you to put more of the right nutrients in your body. Read Original Here

Pregnancy by months and unusual pregnancy symptoms are the result of the rising amounts of the hormone oestrogen and blood flow which affects your normal daily routine. Many unusual pregnancy symptoms will not indicate that anything is wrong with your baby but do not resort to self medication and consult your doctor for proper medication.

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