Baby Growth During Pregnancy

Baby Growth During Pregnancy

Watching the baby growth during pregnancy month by month, is one of the most amazing experiences a woman undergoes while pregnant as this helps her get closer to the future boy or girl before even giving birth. But besides the profound feelings this action triggers, getting familiar with all the development stages of the baby is also important for understanding how much your diet during pregnancy and lifestyle can affect his or her normal growth.

Given below are the most important stages of your baby’s growth during pregnancy month by month. Make sure you read them to see you’re not the only one undergoing several changes and experiencing completely new feelings!

Baby Growth During Pregnancy Month by Month

Your baby doesn’t start his growing process until the third week of pregnancy so during pregnancy 1 month the most noticeable events are the egg’s fertilization, the thickening of your uterus walls and the formation of the blasocyst, tiny group of cells measuring less than 1 millimeter.

The embryonic stage begins in pregnancy 2 months, or pregnancy week 4-5, when the first organs of your baby-to-be start forming: the spinal cord, the heart, brain and digestive tract. Pregnancy week 6 marks the formation of your little one’s limbs and the differentiation of his brain into five areas. This means that even your baby can’t feel or think yet, he’ll soon be able to experience his first emotions. By pregnancy week 8 your baby’s eyes and ears begin to form, his facial features become clearer and the heartbeats more regular. Also, the blood coming from the mother’s body through the umbilical cord starts flowing through the already formed main vessels.

Pregnancy 3 months marks the beginning of the embryonic stage. Your baby now has elbows, fingers and toes, a developing respiratory system and by pregnancy week 11, even genital organs. During the pregnancy 4 months your doctor will be able to say the baby’s gender. His liver will start producing blood cells and his body will be covered with tiny hairs protecting him from the amniotic fluid.

Baby growth during pregnancy month by month continues with the strengthening of his bones and muscles, process that begins during the pregnancy 5 months and continues until pregnancy week 21. The eyelashes, eyebrows and fingerprints of your baby are already formed and you may see him sucking his thumb or eco images. Your little one may start hearing you now as his ears are completely developed.

During pregnancy 6 months, the baby’s body will start forming antibodies to protect him from pathogens once getting out from the uterus. The reflexes of your baby will improve these weeks and his lungs will start developing so soon he’ll no longer need to inhale amniotic fluid. By the end of the second trimester your baby will measure 9-10 inches and weight around 2 pounds.

Pregnancy 7 months finds your baby in a great mood, as he becomes more active, starts moving and kicking your uterus walls and may even cry. He may have hiccups and his bones and muscles will start being covered with fats. Also, his face will become fuller and by the end of the month your little one will weight approximately 3 pounds and measure 11 inches.

The last two months don’t bring too many changes in your baby’s development besides weight gain. He is now able to dream and prepares for the greatest adventure of his life as all his organs and systems continue to mature.

During pregnancy 9 months your little one will change his position inside the womb, facing head down in preparation for birth. His weight should be around 7-8 pounds and he should measure approximately 19-21 inches. Although your baby’s favorite routine these days will be sleeping, he’ll also have very active periods, preparing you for the most amazing yet tiring days of your life!

If you’re excited about your pregnancy and want to learn more on your baby growth during pregnancy month by month, make sure you take the time to check our Pregnancy Calender

Last Reviewed on : 19/01/2013


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