Pregnancy Month By Month Symptoms

Pregnancy month by month symptoms

Pregnancy month by month symptoms

Pregnancy month by month symptoms can be overwhelming for a first-time mom but knowing them in time can relieve the stress and turn the experience into the most amazing adventure of your life. By paying attention to all the changes your body will undergo and to all the new symptoms you’ll have to manage, you’ll get to know you better and your perception towards pregnancy and birth will be radically changed.

Common for first-time moms, the fear of pregnancy usually disappears as future moms learn about all the manifestations they’ll have to face during their baby’s development and growth. So if you don’t want this miraculous event take you by surprise, make some time to read the following details on pregnancy month by month symptoms.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 1 Months

The first month of pregnancy begins before the baby actually being conceived, when you ovulate and the egg is released from your ovaries. If this egg gets fertilized the great adventure begins so you’ll notice your period doesn’t come anymore. Until week three when you can take the pregnancy test you may feel emotionally drained and mood swings will be quite present these first weeks.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 2 Months

Pregnancy month 2 doesn’t bring noticeable external symptoms but important changes take place inside your uterus, as your baby starts his accelerated development. The fertilized egg starts dividing so you’ll no longer have your period but you will experience mild abdominal cramps. Also, you’ll feel more tired than normal and you may even have nausea and vomiting episodes early in the morning or late at night.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 3 Months

During pregnancy 3 months you’ll start feeling anxious about your baby’s health even if no signs of concern will be present. Your partner’s support can make a huge difference these weeks so make sure to share with him absolutely all your fears and thoughts. As for physical changes, you’ll continue to experience sickness and tiredness but beside these, you’ll also notice a decrease in your desire for sex during pregnancy as you’ll breasts will become sore and tender and your belly will begin to show.

Once reaching the second trimester, your pregnancy month by month symptoms will become more accentuated and your body’s shape will change more rapidly. Your belly will become larger, your heart will start pumping faster and your legs will become swollen and painful due to water retention and increasing pressure on the lower body. Although you won’t look extremely pregnant you’ll probably feel the need of buying maternity clothes. Anxiety and mood swings will be almost gone despite the stretch marks that will start appearing on your belly and thighs during trimesters of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 4 Months

As the uterus enlarges, breathing difficulties are experienced in pregnancy 4 months and doing physical activities or taking care of household chores becomes more tiring than before. The pressure on the lower body increases so hemorrhoids may appear as a result of prolonged sitting. Constipation, increased blood pressure, legs aches and swelling, back pain, food cravings are likely to appear.

Due to the increasing blood supply inside your body, heart pumps faster than usually and kidneys have to deal with a larger urine production so you’ll feel like going to the toilet more often starting with this month.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 5 Months

Pregnancy 5 months will come with even more changes, not only in your appearance but also in your appetite as food cravings will start manifesting. Your face will look fuller, your back and legs will become painful and skin itching and pigmentation will occur. You shouldn’t worry about the linea nigra appearing on your lower abdomen neither about the numbness in fingers and feet – they’ll be gone in few weeks, as the due date approaches.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 6 Months

During your pregnancy 6 months your belly button will become more obvious, your breasts will look really full and skin around nipples will get darker. You’ll feel the baby’s first moves and this will make you enjoy the experience even more, despite the fatigue and body aches coming back by pregnancy week 19.

The third trimester will begin with heartburn, breathing difficulties and a general feeling of heaviness in your legs. You’ll have to change your sleeping position as your back will become really painful and your baby’s kicks will be felt more often.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 7 Months

When seven months pregnant, most women experience the following pregnancy symptoms:

  • Digestive issues like bloating, flatulence and constipation caused by the increasing pressure exerted by the uterus on the digestive tract
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Colostrum discharge from the breasts; the yellowish fluid is very nourishing for the baby so as unpleasant as this symptom is, you have to get used to it as colostrum will make your little one’s first meal
  • Frequent urination due to pressure on bladder
  • Varicose veins on legs
  • Swelling of legs and ankles
  • Sleep problems and fatigue
  • Tingly hands and feet, hot and cold flashes
  • Sciatic pain caused by pressure exerted on nerves

Still, the most exciting change appearing in Pregnancy 7 months is represented by the Braxton Hicks contractions, which some women start feeling from  pregnancy month 6. These contractions are present until right before birth, when they turn into real labor contractions.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 8 Months

During pregnancy 8 months you’ll experience breast soreness, leg and face swelling, frequent urination and an increased pressure in your lower abdomen. You’ll find it difficult to sit comfortably on a chair and your entire body will feel tired but you’ll be extremely excited to know the little one’s journey inside the womb is almost over.

Pregnancy Month by Month Symptoms: Pregnancy 9 Months

Pregnancy 9 months will mark the occurrence of breast leakage and increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Your belly will look really big now and your little one will be less active than usually, but you’ll still be able to feel him moving inside the womb. You’ll notice several contractions as you prepare for labor, but the last symptom you’ll experience before giving birth will be the water breaking.

If you’re curious to learn more about the pregnancy month by month symptoms and see what other manifestations could signal the baby’s presence inside your womb, make sure to read our other interesting articles on the early pregnancy signs, pregnancy months, pregnancy week by week, baby growth during pregnancy,Weight gain during pregnancy and diet during pregnancy

Last reviewed on 20/01/2013

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