Pregnancy 3 Months

Pregnancy 3 Months

Pregnancy 3 Months

Pregnancy 3 months marks the end of the most vulnerable period for the baby, the risk of miscarriage decreasing considerably once the first trimester is over. Between pregnancy weeks 9 and 13, the belly pops out as the uterus enlarges more and more every day for ensuring a comfortable environment to the growing baby.

Symptoms of Pregnancy in Pregnancy 3 Months

Hormonal fluctuations stop by the end of the first trimester so mood swings are less frequent. Also, the mom-to-be doesn’t feel so tired and anxious anymore although she still accuses headaches, insomnia, dizziness and nausea episodes. Excessive salivation, increased vaginal discharge, bloating, heartburn and frequent urination continue to manifest but the belly isn’t yet very large so pressure on legs and joints is still bearable.

Food cravings may be more accentuated during Pregnancy 3 months, breasts’ volume, sensitivity and soreness increase and back aches start manifesting. But despite these pregnancy symptoms, there is good news for the future mom as well: as the blood supply in the pelvis increases, sex drive gets back to normal and sensations during sexual intercourse are even more pleasant than before pregnancy.

For stretch marks appearing in pregnancy 3 months, moisturizing ointments and creams, stretching exercises and massages bring good results. Fibers added in the mother’s pregnancy diet help preventing digestive issues like constipation and improve bowel movements, regulating water retention as well. Finally, for preventing gums’ bleeding, using toothpaste for sensitive denture, flossing properly and brushing regularly should be enough.

Your Baby’s Growth in Pregnancy 3 Months

Important changes affect the baby’s body this month: his face has humanly looking features now, his teeth buds and nails appear, his fingers and toes can be clearly distinguished and even tiny genitals begin to develop, although it’s not yet possible to tell the baby’s gender.

As the nervous cells continue to mature and extend and the baby’s brain starts functioning, the first movements and the development of the first reflexes may be registered this month. The little boy or girl now measures 7-8 cm, weights around 14 grams and starts practicing swallowing although his meals are represented by the amniotic fluid during the entire month.

Other noticeable changes in baby growth are the formation of the placenta, the production of the first waste products inside the baby’s urinary system and the strengthening and growth of the bones, which now form a tiny skeleton. The baby’s ears continue to develop, his eyes move towards the nose and the head continues to be larger than the body.

Your Body in Pregnancy 3 Months

A healthy pregnancy should bring wight gain up to 5 pounds by week 13 but there are moms who only gain 1 pound – this is normal as in lots of cases water retention is the one causing a more noticeable weight accumulation during the first trimester.

In pregnancy 3 months hormonal changes continue and they lead to tender, fuller and heavier breasts, a rounder belly and a less toned and firm midsection. Waist is slightly larger than before, face looks fuller and arms look puffier due to fluid buildup.

Your Emotions – What You may be Feeling in Pregnancy 3 Months

The first trimester is best defined by emotional instability so during this third month you’ll still feel depressive and moody, fearful, angry, hurt and irascible for no apparent reason at all. It’s not uncommon to feel your partner’s not there entirely and you may find yourself accusing his lack of support and involvement. Also, you may still have ‘fat days’ when you’ll find your body puffy, heavy and too big for sex but don’t worry, you’ll soon start to enjoy intimacy during pregnancy.

Just like in pregnancy 1 month and pregnancy 2 months, physical exercises, healthy eating and relaxing activities like reading, walking, cooking or shopping for maternity clothes, bottles and diapers are the best solutions for keeping stress, anxiety and nervousness away.

Appointment with Your Doctor – What You can Expect in Pregnancy 3 Months Checkup

Starting with pregnancy week 9, more frequent checkups are required for testing the mother’s and the baby’s weight gain, his or her size and development. In case you didn’t take the Pap Smear test yet, it’s time to do it as this exam indicates the presence of abnormal cervical cells and evaluates the risk of developing cervical cancer.

A Doppler or an ultrasound test should be taken for checking the baby’s heartbeat and a CVS screening test (chorionic villus sampling) should also be done for eliminating the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the growing baby.

If you’re excited about your pregnancy and want to learn more on your pregnancy 3 months, make sure you take the time to read our other articles on Pregnancy month by month symptoms, pregnancy week by week and trimesters of pregnancy

Last reviewed on 21/01/2013


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